Embassy Of Christ Int’l.

Women Of the Word 

Tuesdays at 6:30 PM The Vineyard Cafe and Bookstore

5721 E. Virginia St, Evansville, IN 47715

Our Vision:

Every daughter of God enjoying the fullness of who God Almighty has called her to be, and all of what He has called her to do, in Christ Jesus!

Our Mission:

1.) Teaching women how to operate wisely and effectively in Business, Marriage, Family, Church & Community.

2.) Teaching & training women how to practically apply the Word and the Spirit of God in every day life for deliverance, healing and restoration to hurting people everywhere.

3.) Training women in actively applying the Word and Spirit of God to cause Victory in every circumstance of life!

4.) Training women to be a positive, powerful strike-force of victory against the deception & oppression of the devil, the world and the flesh!

5.) Taking this training out into our local, regional, national and earthly areas of influence to show the Glory of God and His never-failing Love!