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"No More Church As Usual"

Senior Pastors & Founders
& Sherry Gregory

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"Advancing the Kingdom of God"

Bevin Gregory Music
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Jail & Prison Ministry:

  • Sr. Pastors Bob and Sherry Gregory


Sr. Pastors Bob and Sherry Gregory
Jerry Savelle Ministries Int'l Missions President's Cabinet

Student Ministries:

Teen Ministry

Administrative Oversight: Sr. Pastors Bob & Sherry Gregory

Children's Ministry

  • Administrative Oversight:
    • Sr. Pastor Sherry Gregory
  • Children's Ministry Coordinator/Leader:
    • Sue Ealum
  • Teacher Volunteers:
    • Kay Ogle
    • Susanne Norrick
    • Sue Ealum
    • Trudy Lay
    • Jesse & Heather Puttananickal
    • Wes Masterson
    • Curtis Lindaas
    • Sean Louis

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Terri Savelle Foy Ministries:

Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Kenneth Copeland Ministries

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