UNSEEN walls!! Everybody has them,…You have them,…I have them,…barriers and limits in our lives that hold us back,…but many times can’t see them with our physical eyes,…and, don’t understand why some things seem to be so…difficult…or…impossible!  Sometimes they are relational, … Continued


Let’s talk about,…habits.  You know,…those things you do regularly and consistently, almost without intentionally thinking about them. So many times, you get into habits, not necessarily bad habits, just habits,…daily, weekly, monthly,…that keep you busy, but don’t allow you to … Continued

No Enemies On the Inside

Having an enemy on the outside is very normal.  But, do NOT allow your enemy into your inside!  Guard your thinking!  Do not let the devil, the world, or the  flesh control your thought life!  You, the spirit man, must … Continued

Sherry Test

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla sodales non risus sodales gravida. Duis vitae sollicitudin nisl, in finibus elit. Nulla et iaculis elit, vitae posuere justo. Nunc sagittis faucibus justo nec tincidunt. Praesent et arcu metus. Curabitur id … Continued

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