Who am I?

I recognized the call of God to salvation and to ministry in August, 1973.  Although I grew up attending church, as part of a family of Christian believers, I chose to pursue professional involvement in advanced manufacturing technologies and secular music instead.  Both fields of endeavor yielded good accomplishments, but no ‘heart satisfaction.’  Years later, in October, 1988, I once again heard the distinct call of the Heavenly Father, calling me to Himself, and to preparation for a life in ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This time, I listened intently, and made the quality decision to be led by the Holy Spirit into the fullness of God’s Plan for my life.

My Journey:

Since March 31, 1989, I have been focused on preaching, teaching, and healing in the Mighty Name of Jesus.  Also, in early 1989, I received two directives from the Holy Spirit:
1)  “Advance the Kingdom of God” and, 2)  “No More Church As Usual.”  As a result, “Advance Ministries” was launched, and remains as the central outreach ministry of my appointment by God.  My focused intent is to feed the Body of Christ with the fullness of God’s Word, and the fullness of God’s Spirit, causing the people of God to grow up into the maturity of Christ, and come into ‘unity of the faith,’ in readiness for the Catching Away that is coming.

During the last twenty-two years, I have enjoyed serving the Body of Christ in the capacities of interim pastor, youth pastor, senior pastor, prison/jail minister, teaching pastor, and missionary.  I’ve pastored and/or ministered in many different denominational churches, as well as many inter and non-denominational churches and fellowships.  My prison/jail work has reached into penal facilities at the county, state, and federal levels, in most of the states of the U.S.  Foreign missions have taken me into seven different countries in Africa, as well as England, Canada, and Mexico.  And, current plans include missions into India, and additional countries in Africa.

In 1999, with my wife and best friend Sherry, I co-founded “Embassy Of Christ, Inc.”, a full-gospel, Word of Faith 501(c)3 non-profit church corporation, with “Advance Ministries” as a licensed outreach ministry.  This Holy Spirit-baptized congregation of truly world-outreaching believers is located primarily in Evansville, Indiana; endearingly renamed “Heavensville.”

What I do?

Through Biblical apostolic anointings, I endeavor to remain a ‘man after God’s Own heart.’  “Embassy Of Christ” / “Advance Ministries” is a ‘heart’ ministry from the ‘Heart’ of the Father, to people who need the Reality of Christ Jesus throughout the world.