UNSEEN walls!!

Everybody has them,…You have them,…I have them,…barriers and limits in our lives that hold us back,…but many times can’t see them with our physical eyes,…and, don’t understand why some things seem to be so…difficult…or…impossible!  Sometimes they are relational, or physical, or financial, or even mental/emotional.  But, one thing is certain,…they all have their roots in spiritual origins.

The truth is, unless you learn to look through the eyes of your spirit in practical ways at the things that affect your life, you will never see the UNSEEN walls and what is really going on, as you try and try, strive and strive, to make the progress and attain the goals that you know you have in your heart!

(Excerpt from my book “Breaking Through The UNSEEN Walls”)  (Get your copy today at www.eochrist.org)

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